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Today is the “official” preparation day for my fasting. I call it “official” because is the day where you prepare your body for the fasting. The preparation should be actually days or weeks before you start. That means that you have to think about the best date when to do it. I recommend not to do it in the middle of the winter (in the northern hemisphere) as it is so much harder. In the winter ,where it is very cold and darker our bodies need more love, heat, comfort, energy which we provide from food. I would do it during spring or summer time and would choose a week where you don’t have any important and stressful projects at work nor parties, nor dinners.

To prepare your body is as essential as to prepare your mind. Talk about it with friends and family, read about it and keep it in mind till you start fasting. Take your time. I prefer to have more than just one preparation day but this time it didn’t work, we went yesterday to a lovely BBQ with friends and I had some meat, chips and crisps – naughty me. So I only have today as preparation and I started it with a late yummy breakfast which consisted of a mix of fresh fruit with muesly, mixed with linseed and soaked in almond milk and a bit of natural yoghurt – see picture. I should have drunk a herbal tea but again – naughty me – I went for a glas of Cafe Latte.

It’s been 5 hours since my breakfast and I am starting to feel hungry but I am drinking still water to calm it down. I want to go jogging maybe 6km today and after that my next and last meal will be either a butternut squash soup or a fruit salad again.  I feel positive and focused and I am looking forward to my next fasting journey. Lets get started!


How to boost your metabolism (burn more fat)


  • Eating three small meals with healthy snacks like: Bananas, Apples, Blueberries, Cherries fresh or dry and nuts in between will help keep blood sugar levels stable, improving appetite control and preventing overeating.
  • eat more vegetables, salads and plenty of proteins (white meat,fish and pulses)
  • do cardio workouts 3 times a week AND weights; Build up muscles they burn more calories.
  • use coconut oil for cooking. no margarine and reduce butter intake.
  • drink enough water (preferable still) during the day
  • cook ;-0
  • sleep enough (7-8 hours)
  • be happy


Start every day like this!
It’s not difficult, takes not long and it’s delicious.
Contains almost everything you need, gives you energy and make you feel good and happy. I’ve been doing this for almost 10 years now and don’t want to miss it!
Guten Appetit.


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