Yoga consists in Breath, Asanas (Yoga Poses) and Meditation

What is the Purpose of Yoga?

The Purpose is to keep your Body and Mind ‘healthy’ and this doesn’t mean just having a nice lean and toned body. It is about training it and keeping it in good shape but in connection with the mind. It is about controlling your Breath while practising the Asanas. The Breath is the unifing force between the mind and the body.

The Asanas in connection with the controlled Breath bring the Mind to peace and THIS is the objective. When your mind is at peace you are not thinking about anything, you are in the now, the present moment. Your mind is at one with your body.

The Asanas Practise train/prepare you, for Meditation.

Meditation is a mental technique,repetitively practiced for the purpose of attaining a subjective experience that is frequently described as very restful, silent, and of heightened alertness, often characterized as blissful.

The intention of a Yogin through meditation is that the mind becomes purified ,calm, tranquil, and luminous. Once the meditator achieves a strong and powerful concentration, his mind is ready to penetrate and see into the ultimate nature of reality, eventually obtaining release from all suffering. Samadhi/enleightenment.

Meditation means to become familiar with one’s Self” and has the strong implication of training the mind to be familiar with states that are beneficial: concentration, compassion, correct understanding, patience, humility, etc

Has ever happen to you that you woke up suddenly (NOT because of a nightmare or noisy neighbours) and your eyes were staring and your mind felt empty, peaceful?…..