Let go things is something difficult to do and we should learn to let go as young as possible. I wonder when children/toddlers are ready to understand and learn not to hold on to materialistic things but to learn to let go like some of their toys for example.

Our whole life we need to let go things and it is so difficult because we tend the opposite, we love to hold on to things even to horde and here I am talking about materialistic things. We somehow think, especially in the western world, that the more we have the happier we are. But don’t we feel great every time we throw or give away some things if it’s from the closet, attic, garage or loft etc to have some space again? We do feel better, we feel kind of free, don’t we?

Sometimes we have to let go a friendship or a relationship which is a lot harder than materialistic things but if this person doesn’t give you anything positive anymore and becomes a drain of energy then we have to let go. The same happens with a job, you should love what you do and do what you love! Life is too short! The same happens with a plan or a project we have. If that what we planned is not working and we tried again and again and have done everything we could then it’s time to let go that plan. You are not giving up you are just changing your direction and there is nothing wrong with it.

There are so many sayings that in some kind of way have the same or very similar meaning: let go, take it easy, hang loose, suck it up, 

Keep always in your mind: CHANGE IS EVOLUTION