As on former Posts I write about Yoga, how I started with Yoga, how much I need and love it, that I worked as a Yoga Teacher, etc. The day before yesterday I realised that my Yoga practise is getting very rare…..


I could tell you many reasons and one of them is lack of time but you know and I know that THAT is bullshit. So I decided to get up 1 hour earlier and do 50 minutes of Yoga asanas and 10 minutes of meditation and I started today.

It was difficult to get up but you have to do it as quick as possible. I went to the kitchen, laid down my Yoga matt and started with some sun salutations. Yes, my body felt stiff and a bit achy in the back but it got better with the Surya Namaskars. The time passed by very quickly and the same happened with my meditation. I set the egg timer after 10 minutes so I don’t have to keep up looking to the watch and can concentrate on my meditation. The good thing about your own practise is that YOU decide what you are going to do. Tomorrow I might meditate for 20 minutes and do asanas for 40 or I keep this the same for a while until I decide to change it. ( I found this cute illustration on

Great way to start a day!