1st day with food again after 7 days without.

Today (monday) I can have breakfast again which I have been looking forward to since sunday morning. I had a little portion of fresh fruit cut with muesli and natural yoghurt and a glass of caffe latte. OH MY GOD, what an explosion of flavours in my mouth! I closed my eyes and enjoyed every second I chew those wonderful fruits with the muesli and yoghurt. What a taste and what a sweetness!


This day – your 1st day after your fasting – is so super important that you are very aware of what you eat (should be light stuff like fruit, vegetables or soup) how much (really small portions) and if you still feel hungry and when are you actually satisfied. It is so easy to over eat just because it tastes delicious. I do this fasting not only to cleanse, detox and loose weight but also to retrain myself to eat with time, awareness and joy. The best days of fasting are absolutely the last fasting day and the first and maybe also the second day after fasting you feel so light and good and you are full of energy and control of yourself. yes, sir!