7th and last Fasting day.

  • 1st Fasting day = 57,5 kg
  • 7th Fasting day = 54,2 kg

3,5 kg in 7 days is ok nothing extraordinary but for me just fine as I am not overweight. I am 1,67m tall and for me personally my ideal weight is between 55kg and 56kg. I know that the more overweight you are the more you loose in that period of time or in general when you have some kg over and you start changing (hopefully for ever) your diet and doing more exercise with the purpose to loose weight, the first kg will go off so much easier and quicker till you reach a certain point where it gets harder and slower to loose some more. My husband for example did the fasting with me only 5 days and he lost double the amount, he lost 6kg that means that he had some more kg over than me and also other reasons, like more and bigger muscles which burn lots more fat and maybe the gens play a role here and there too.

I am very happy that today is my last day, as I am getting tired. I think I had enough. I am realising that when I was younger (about 7 years ago) the fasting felt a lot easier. I don’t know if it is because my life is so much different than 7 years ago or because I am older, never mind. I still enjoy and embrace every fasting journey as they are all different, every time feels different. It is – for me – a very good feeling that I am doing my body some good, I am cleansing it and you can see, feel and smell it. I can see and feel it most of all on my tongue. During fasting your body gets rid of all bad stuff through many ways:

  • stool
  • urine
  • mucosa
  • skin

At the beginning my skin gets dry but now is getting nice and radiant, I haven’t had any bowel movement since 3 days, my urine is clear and normal and mucosa, especially my tongue is grey and feels disgusting and dry, fortunately my breath is not as bad as I thought 😉

Here is a picture of my tongue – LOOK AWAY NOW IF YOU DON”T WANT TO SEE IT 🙂 to show how it can look, as much as I don’t like this picture it could be a lot worse, sometimes it can turn almost black. So if you decide to fast one day, don’t worry, it’s normal, this is part of the process.



I have to thank and apologise to my little daughter and my husband for being patient and just accepting my short temper and lack of patience during these days. They will have 3 months to enjoy me just the way I am a loving, caring and funny person with lots of patience! 😉 … till the next Fasting begins….

I may not made this fasting sound great, fun and enjoyable but I can assure you that the feeling after the fasting is glorious and the benefits are absolutely worth it. If you think you want to try it I recommend to read about it and inform yourself as accurate as possible.

I might go swimming or jogging in a minute, I feel full of energy!

Be healthy.