5th Fasting day

It’s Friday! Today the weather is not warm nor sunny so we decided to go to a big play group indoors where they offer nice cookies and coffee for the mums while the kids play with lots of toys and jump in the bouncy castle. I took my bottle of water with me and felt good even if the cookies looked very yummy. We left after a couple of hours and went to the office because I am going to start working three times a week starting next week. The girl that is in charge of the office now and will be leaving in 2 weeks was going to explain some things to me. I was afraid I wasn’t going to be able to concentrate properly but this wasn’t the case. I got focused straight away and felt confident after we finished. I am not feeling as tired as I was when I starting fasting, the energy is coming back so much so that every morning I wake up before the alarm clock rings at 7am no matter at what time I went to bed. The moment I wake up is the best moment of the day, I feel light, very light, wide awake, content and without feeling hungry mostly an hour later the hunger starts.

Two more days to go!