• 1st fasting day = 57,4 KG
  • 2nd fasting day = 56,9 KG
  • 3rd fasting day = 55,6 KG
  • 4th fasting day = 55,3 KG

Even after a restless night I felt good in the morning, getting up wasn’t a problem at all. For breakfast I had a green tea and a freshly made melon juice but with so much more water than the fruit juice that you could hardly taste the melon but it was lovely and refreshing anyway and satisfying. I felt good so I decided to go jogging and run 5.5 km. It went alright but I must admit that my legs felt heavier than usual. Today I went to work and the hunger came back as soon as I started working but drinking my tea helped a lot. The hunger feeling is not strong but just constantly present, I hoped it would be gone by now. My mood is ok, not the best but not bad. I notice that I am just quickly agitated, my patience is sometimes non existent, but only sometimes and I don’t fancy having long conversations at the moment. At the moment I don’t feel tired at all and there is a big difference between me being tired and feeling weak. The weakness comes and goes. I think it depends on what you are doing and my skin is feeling nice and looking fresh at the moment but the tongue looks not good, just completely white, God knows whats coming out through my tongue. Another 3 days to go! Hope this night is better…