Today It’s the 3rd day without food, just drinking still water, herbal teas and sometimes a vegetable stock “soup” in the evening – in total around 3 Litres liquid per day. Maybe I need to drink a little bit more as my skin is feeling a bit dry. The bad taste in my mouth doesn’t go and I hope whenever I speak to someone it’s not terrible for them. I managed to go out for most of the day, we, my little girl and I went to a lovely farm with our neighbours and had some good time. The only temptation was when we sat down at the cafe´ and everyone was eating nice sandwiches and drinking beautiful smelling coffees. I drank my still water and it was ok. I spent the evening in front of the TV cosy drinking teas and went to bed tired at around 11pm…but  I couldn’t go to sleep. I was wide awake and couldn’t find the right position. I had it once before during fasting and it’s really annoying, even after finally falling asleep I kept on waking up, nonetheless I felt ok in the morning. I wonder was going on in your body, why are you wide awake? Is it because you don’t have this food rhythm and your body delivers constant energy no matter what time of the day and makes you be awake/aware/alert? Or is it so busy getting rid of “garbage” that your mind can’t come to a sleepy rest? I don’t know. Tomorrow is another day and another night, we will see.