I had a good night sleep but when the alarm clock rang at 6.40 am I couldn’t get up so I snoozed till 7.30am. Let me tell you that snoozing is really not a good thing, get up once the alarm clock goes on, don’t snooze around it makes you more tired. This morning I had more time than usual as I didn’t need to prepare any breakfast, yay! At 7.30 I started to feel hungry and that is unusual but this is because in the preparation day (yesterday) you don’t eat much, only light stuff like fruit, steamed vegetables or soup so there wasn’t any storage in my body that would keep my hunger under control.

The start of the 1st fasting day is NOT something you look forward to. It starts with a clyster – something I haven’t managed to do. I can’t. I wish I could but I can’t and because you have to empty your digestive system I drink 500 ml of still water with 2 spoons of glauber’s salt. It is disgusting it tastes bitter and salty but it works and it works good. I stayed at home  most of the day to be able to reach the toilet (my toilet) anytime.

The hunger was there but I managed to distract myself easily so it wasn’t bad at all. It is funny how your relationship towards food changes. You see food as something special, great something you really want and can’t have; a shallow example would be like lots of designer clothes, a ferrari, etc. Funny enough I love to watch cooking series on TV when I am fasting and love EVERYTHING they are cooking, no matter what and I can’t wait to start cooking all those foods, which is really not a good idea to do, anyway.To calm the feeling and my stomach in general I kept drinking lovely hot herbal teas. Around 2pm I started to feel incredibly tired but to be honest I don’t know if it’s because of the weather or the fasting. Now is 9pm and I am exhausted so not long and I will be in my bed snoring. It is better not to be at home all the time because the TV and the kitchen are in front of you with all the nice foods and the temptation is enormous. Tomorrow I need to get out of here.