Fasting is primarily an act of willing abstention from all food, drink, or both, for a period of time.

Complications: Health complications associated with fast-induced starvation include electrolyte imbalances, thinning hair, lanugo, cardiac arrhythmia and renal failure.

I have been fasting for quite a while now – but I do only food fasting and drink plenty of water and herbal teas – I’ve been doing my fasting period once every year for 7 to 10 days.

This year I decided to do it every 3 months and next week will be time to fast again. I thought there might be people out there interested in how it works and how it feels, so I am going to do a short diary about my next fasting. Why do I fast? because I learn to feel and know my body again. I like the feeling of being in control of my hunger/cravings. It builds up self discipline and most important the benefit of detoxing, cleansing your organs, your body and yes, you loose weight, which is (almost) always a good thing.

Coming Sunday will be Preparation Day. Yay!