Don’t compare

I went to a new Yoga class yesterday. It felt good, the teacher was a lovely woman, the room and the atmosphere were full of good energy.

I’ve been practising Yoga for quite a while (about 9 years) and one of many things you learn is to never compare; neither during a Yoga class nor in your everyday life. Why? Because it makes you unhappy, because you will always see what others have or can do and you don’t. What is the point?

Despite my years of practise and my eagerness to learn all this, I caught myself comparing myself with the young woman on my left side. She is younger than me, can she go as deep as I can? I should go deeper in this pose or hold it for longer as I am sure I’ve been practising Yoga for longer than her, I am older.

Shame on me!

What is it with us humans that we tend to be competitive?

  • Did our parents teach us,
  • or does our society make us competitive,
  • or are humans competitive by nature?

Maybe all three, maybe it’s essential for us to survive in the Business World. Then it’s to learn WHEN to be competitive! Maybe?

Comparing myself with the woman on my left made me go deeper into my Yoga poses and hold them longer which is good for the practise but not so good for myself. It stressed me. Yoga is the opposite. So I will keep on trying, learning and not comparing.


Picture from ‘yay images’