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It’s Summer! Even if we (in England or northern Europe) are not really having one, it’s time to be outside. Spend your free time outdoors. If you have a Balcony her are some ideas of what you could do to make it look really nice. You can style it cosy with big chairs and lots of colourful cushions or really stylish by using just 2 or 3 colours in everything, for example planting just white flowers etc. Have a look!












The effects of this pose are amazing. Holding Trikonasana for about 30 seconds each side actives the spine keeping it supple and long and can improve the posture. Space is created between the vertebrae and discs in the Spine with this gentle lateral flexion/twisting action. Muscles are stretched and contracted evenly. It’s very beneficial for the legs, hips, back and chest. The lymphatic system is able to drain in this pose. The pressure of the squeeze/soak on the diaphragm is also assisting the movement of lymphatic fluids, as the major lymphatic organs (the spleen & the thymus) are based around the thoracic spine area, behind the diaphragm. The twisting action is beneficial to releasing any toxins from the lymphatic system.

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1st day with food again after 7 days without.

Today (monday) I can have breakfast again which I have been looking forward to since sunday morning. I had a little portion of fresh fruit cut with muesli and natural yoghurt and a glass of caffe latte. OH MY GOD, what an explosion of flavours in my mouth! I closed my eyes and enjoyed every second I chew those wonderful fruits with the muesli and yoghurt. What a taste and what a sweetness!


This day – your 1st day after your fasting – is so super important that you are very aware of what you eat (should be light stuff like fruit, vegetables or soup) how much (really small portions) and if you still feel hungry and when are you actually satisfied. It is so easy to over eat just because it tastes delicious. I do this fasting not only to cleanse, detox and loose weight but also to retrain myself to eat with time, awareness and joy. The best days of fasting are absolutely the last fasting day and the first and maybe also the second day after fasting you feel so light and good and you are full of energy and control of yourself. yes, sir!

Have a look at these wonderful pictures!

Books are not only for reading. Luciana Frigerio, a Vermont-based artist created a unique collection of paper art. Simply called “Folded Book Sculptures”. Just incredible!



7th and last Fasting day.

  • 1st Fasting day = 57,5 kg
  • 7th Fasting day = 54,2 kg

3,5 kg in 7 days is ok nothing extraordinary but for me just fine as I am not overweight. I am 1,67m tall and for me personally my ideal weight is between 55kg and 56kg. I know that the more overweight you are the more you loose in that period of time or in general when you have some kg over and you start changing (hopefully for ever) your diet and doing more exercise with the purpose to loose weight, the first kg will go off so much easier and quicker till you reach a certain point where it gets harder and slower to loose some more. My husband for example did the fasting with me only 5 days and he lost double the amount, he lost 6kg that means that he had some more kg over than me and also other reasons, like more and bigger muscles which burn lots more fat and maybe the gens play a role here and there too.

I am very happy that today is my last day, as I am getting tired. I think I had enough. I am realising that when I was younger (about 7 years ago) the fasting felt a lot easier. I don’t know if it is because my life is so much different than 7 years ago or because I am older, never mind. I still enjoy and embrace every fasting journey as they are all different, every time feels different. It is – for me – a very good feeling that I am doing my body some good, I am cleansing it and you can see, feel and smell it. I can see and feel it most of all on my tongue. During fasting your body gets rid of all bad stuff through many ways:

  • stool
  • urine
  • mucosa
  • skin

At the beginning my skin gets dry but now is getting nice and radiant, I haven’t had any bowel movement since 3 days, my urine is clear and normal and mucosa, especially my tongue is grey and feels disgusting and dry, fortunately my breath is not as bad as I thought 😉

Here is a picture of my tongue – LOOK AWAY NOW IF YOU DON”T WANT TO SEE IT 🙂 to show how it can look, as much as I don’t like this picture it could be a lot worse, sometimes it can turn almost black. So if you decide to fast one day, don’t worry, it’s normal, this is part of the process.



I have to thank and apologise to my little daughter and my husband for being patient and just accepting my short temper and lack of patience during these days. They will have 3 months to enjoy me just the way I am a loving, caring and funny person with lots of patience! 😉 … till the next Fasting begins….

I may not made this fasting sound great, fun and enjoyable but I can assure you that the feeling after the fasting is glorious and the benefits are absolutely worth it. If you think you want to try it I recommend to read about it and inform yourself as accurate as possible.

I might go swimming or jogging in a minute, I feel full of energy!

Be healthy.

6th Fasting day.

Today is saturday and we decided after hanging around in the house to go to the Strawberry Fair in Brentwood. The weather still isn’t summer like, it’s more autumn like very windy, cold and sometimes rain but we went anyway! It was really nice, we met our friends and our little girls had lots of fun with the merry-go-around, bouncy castles, strawberries and ice creams. I saw the nice strawberries with cream, the burgers, german sausages and the ice cream and I really fancied EVERYTHING. At least the sun could have come out and warm us up but it didn’t so it wasn’t big fun for me. After having so much fresh cool air and no food, just the lovely smell of it, I just wanted to go home, warm up with a nice herbal tea and cosy up. Tomorrow is my last day. Yay!

5th Fasting day

It’s Friday! Today the weather is not warm nor sunny so we decided to go to a big play group indoors where they offer nice cookies and coffee for the mums while the kids play with lots of toys and jump in the bouncy castle. I took my bottle of water with me and felt good even if the cookies looked very yummy. We left after a couple of hours and went to the office because I am going to start working three times a week starting next week. The girl that is in charge of the office now and will be leaving in 2 weeks was going to explain some things to me. I was afraid I wasn’t going to be able to concentrate properly but this wasn’t the case. I got focused straight away and felt confident after we finished. I am not feeling as tired as I was when I starting fasting, the energy is coming back so much so that every morning I wake up before the alarm clock rings at 7am no matter at what time I went to bed. The moment I wake up is the best moment of the day, I feel light, very light, wide awake, content and without feeling hungry mostly an hour later the hunger starts.

Two more days to go!


Here some nice looks and pics that I liked a lot.


  • 1st fasting day = 57,4 KG
  • 2nd fasting day = 56,9 KG
  • 3rd fasting day = 55,6 KG
  • 4th fasting day = 55,3 KG

Even after a restless night I felt good in the morning, getting up wasn’t a problem at all. For breakfast I had a green tea and a freshly made melon juice but with so much more water than the fruit juice that you could hardly taste the melon but it was lovely and refreshing anyway and satisfying. I felt good so I decided to go jogging and run 5.5 km. It went alright but I must admit that my legs felt heavier than usual. Today I went to work and the hunger came back as soon as I started working but drinking my tea helped a lot. The hunger feeling is not strong but just constantly present, I hoped it would be gone by now. My mood is ok, not the best but not bad. I notice that I am just quickly agitated, my patience is sometimes non existent, but only sometimes and I don’t fancy having long conversations at the moment. At the moment I don’t feel tired at all and there is a big difference between me being tired and feeling weak. The weakness comes and goes. I think it depends on what you are doing and my skin is feeling nice and looking fresh at the moment but the tongue looks not good, just completely white, God knows whats coming out through my tongue. Another 3 days to go! Hope this night is better…



Today It’s the 3rd day without food, just drinking still water, herbal teas and sometimes a vegetable stock “soup” in the evening – in total around 3 Litres liquid per day. Maybe I need to drink a little bit more as my skin is feeling a bit dry. The bad taste in my mouth doesn’t go and I hope whenever I speak to someone it’s not terrible for them. I managed to go out for most of the day, we, my little girl and I went to a lovely farm with our neighbours and had some good time. The only temptation was when we sat down at the cafe´ and everyone was eating nice sandwiches and drinking beautiful smelling coffees. I drank my still water and it was ok. I spent the evening in front of the TV cosy drinking teas and went to bed tired at around 11pm…but  I couldn’t go to sleep. I was wide awake and couldn’t find the right position. I had it once before during fasting and it’s really annoying, even after finally falling asleep I kept on waking up, nonetheless I felt ok in the morning. I wonder was going on in your body, why are you wide awake? Is it because you don’t have this food rhythm and your body delivers constant energy no matter what time of the day and makes you be awake/aware/alert? Or is it so busy getting rid of “garbage” that your mind can’t come to a sleepy rest? I don’t know. Tomorrow is another day and another night, we will see.


I woke up before the alarm clock went off and I felt good and the hunger feeling wasn’t there (yet). It felt very good.

I had to wait for the energy to come back to my body while waking up and as soon as I got up the “feeling” came back but not bad at all. You get use to it as it is pretty much the whole time there. It gets better every time you drink water or tea, so you drink regularly during the day which is very good and necessary. Today my little girl and I went to my friends house and spent the whole afternoon with her and her little daughter so everyone had enough distraction. The only very difficult part was when I cooked lunch for my little girl… wow! All the smells make you fantasize and then I couldn’t try the peas and check if they were cooked so I only chewed them and had to spit it out. It sounds crazy but it is better to really not chew nor eat anything so your body can switch from taking the energy from the outside to taking from the inside and get rid of “rubbish” and this hunger feeling disappears. I must say that during fasting you get a strange feeling in your tongue and you think you have a terrible breath – which can happen – the only thing that helps is to drink regularly and brush your teeth and tongue more often than usual. Unfortunately I still feel tired during the day and a little bit weak which I hope will disappear soon.

Nonetheless I went to my power Yoga Class tonight and it was really powerful. Amazing! Once you start and get into it you are full with energy. I didn’t struggle and enjoyed it very much, as always. Now sitting here writing my blog, drinking a herbal tea I am starting to feel tired and my arms and legs are becoming heavier and heavier, I think I need to go to bed. Nite, nite.


Interior Design

Yes, I could spend some time there….



I had a good night sleep but when the alarm clock rang at 6.40 am I couldn’t get up so I snoozed till 7.30am. Let me tell you that snoozing is really not a good thing, get up once the alarm clock goes on, don’t snooze around it makes you more tired. This morning I had more time than usual as I didn’t need to prepare any breakfast, yay! At 7.30 I started to feel hungry and that is unusual but this is because in the preparation day (yesterday) you don’t eat much, only light stuff like fruit, steamed vegetables or soup so there wasn’t any storage in my body that would keep my hunger under control.

The start of the 1st fasting day is NOT something you look forward to. It starts with a clyster – something I haven’t managed to do. I can’t. I wish I could but I can’t and because you have to empty your digestive system I drink 500 ml of still water with 2 spoons of glauber’s salt. It is disgusting it tastes bitter and salty but it works and it works good. I stayed at home  most of the day to be able to reach the toilet (my toilet) anytime.

The hunger was there but I managed to distract myself easily so it wasn’t bad at all. It is funny how your relationship towards food changes. You see food as something special, great something you really want and can’t have; a shallow example would be like lots of designer clothes, a ferrari, etc. Funny enough I love to watch cooking series on TV when I am fasting and love EVERYTHING they are cooking, no matter what and I can’t wait to start cooking all those foods, which is really not a good idea to do, anyway.To calm the feeling and my stomach in general I kept drinking lovely hot herbal teas. Around 2pm I started to feel incredibly tired but to be honest I don’t know if it’s because of the weather or the fasting. Now is 9pm and I am exhausted so not long and I will be in my bed snoring. It is better not to be at home all the time because the TV and the kitchen are in front of you with all the nice foods and the temptation is enormous. Tomorrow I need to get out of here.



Today is the “official” preparation day for my fasting. I call it “official” because is the day where you prepare your body for the fasting. The preparation should be actually days or weeks before you start. That means that you have to think about the best date when to do it. I recommend not to do it in the middle of the winter (in the northern hemisphere) as it is so much harder. In the winter ,where it is very cold and darker our bodies need more love, heat, comfort, energy which we provide from food. I would do it during spring or summer time and would choose a week where you don’t have any important and stressful projects at work nor parties, nor dinners.

To prepare your body is as essential as to prepare your mind. Talk about it with friends and family, read about it and keep it in mind till you start fasting. Take your time. I prefer to have more than just one preparation day but this time it didn’t work, we went yesterday to a lovely BBQ with friends and I had some meat, chips and crisps – naughty me. So I only have today as preparation and I started it with a late yummy breakfast which consisted of a mix of fresh fruit with muesly, mixed with linseed and soaked in almond milk and a bit of natural yoghurt – see picture. I should have drunk a herbal tea but again – naughty me – I went for a glas of Cafe Latte.

It’s been 5 hours since my breakfast and I am starting to feel hungry but I am drinking still water to calm it down. I want to go jogging maybe 6km today and after that my next and last meal will be either a butternut squash soup or a fruit salad again.  I feel positive and focused and I am looking forward to my next fasting journey. Lets get started!


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