1. Sluggish Digestion. When the gut becomes slow and lazy the body doesn’t absorb nutrients very well.
  2.  Inflammation. The Immun system starts in the gut, so if it’s inflamed (gas, bloated, loose stool) your immunity is compromised.
  3. Oxidation. Every cell needs oxigen, but the cells are very reactive and are looking to combine with other molecules and when it does instable atoms called ‘Free Radicals’ emerge. These can damage cell structure – even DNA. Stress and our enviroment (chemicals in cleaning products etc) add more Free Radicals to our system and if we don’t eat enough food which contains high levels of antioxidants the body isn’t able to cope with the Free Radicals.
  4. Hormone Imbalance. Over or under production of a specific hormone often caused by diet or stress can cause hormones to overreact. An imbalance of stress hormones causes wrinkles, fatigue, sleep disruption etc.
  5. Acidification. Every cell in the body works best when the fluid inside is slightly alkaline. Modern diet is acidic (meat, sugar, cheese, etc) and to neutralize excess of acid, the body pulls calcium and magnesium from the bones which leads to Osteoporosis, fatty acids stick to artery walls leading to the risk of diabetes and heart disease, etc, etc.Image