1. Sugar nicknamed as the ‘White Death” is involved in 4 of the ageing processes: acidification, inflammation, sluggish digestion and hormonal imbalance
  2. Salt is involved in acidification, hormonal imbalance and  inflammation
  3. Cow’s milk although it’s full of calcium, vitamins and proteins it triggers 4 of the ageing processes: sluggish digestion, inflammation, acid forming and hormonal imbalance
  4. Meat (red)  triggers all 5 of the ageing processes, is full of saturated fats and very calorific.
  5. Bad Fats found in fast food, cakes, ice cream, and oils for deep frying. They cause inflammation, acidification, hormonal imbalance and oxidation

(I got this information from the book ‘Eat yourself young” by Elisabeth Peyton-Jones and I shortened it a bit)


If you read all this you might get depressed as it’s pretty much everything we eat every day. What can we eat? Is there “nice” Food that we can eat, enjoy and is not bad for us?

My intention by writing this is to make people aware of what we are eating. I think it’s important to know what it means, what happens with our bodies if we eat lots of this or not enough of that.

My favourite word in most cases is “MODERATION”.  That means you don’t need to avoid completely, just be sensible and limit your intake see what suits you, what you want and of course never forget about exercising which is really VERY “mucho importante”!!

You only have ONE body, take care of it.