freshly made green smoothie

start your day like this

Why is it that green smothies are so healthy?

As we all know “modern diet” is very acidic and with the green smothies we want to alkalize the body. I don’t intent to tell anyone what or how to eat. What is right and what is wrong? Today you read something about no carbs and more protein is the best diet, the next day you read that too much protein causes health issues. One article says fasting is good and another article says fasting is not healthy….. What is it then?? I personally think that everyone and everybody is different. One should do and follow whatever feels right for him-/herself. Be open minded and try different things.

The middle course is always good. MODERATION is the word!

This green smoothie is about green leaves, fruit and herbs. (greens contain much more calcium, magnesium, phosphor,potassium, iron etc than meat or vegetables)

8 leaves of cos lettuce, half of a honeydew (melon), 2 cups of water

Ready and enjoy!